About Me

This is a brief story about me…  and what makes me…well, me….


I am a small town boy.  I grew up in Myrtle Creek, Oregon and from there went on to spend 20 years in the US Navy.  Shortly after joining the navy, I met and fell in love with my amazing wife.  She packed up her belongings and we embarked on our new navy life.  It was full of ups and downs, but it did bring me two wonderful boys.  I always have had a passion for photography even back in the South Umpqua High School darkroom.  As my navy time went on, I got caught up in other things, life…  But one thing that I always fell back on when I needed a place to escape to was my photography..  The navy took me to the most beautiful places on the planet, unfortunately my wife and kids did not get to go to a lot of those places with me.  But through my camera I was able to share those times with them and keep them close everyday in spirit. Whether it be the Singapore Zoo, The Sydney Opera House, The Peak overlooking Kowloon Bay or the the Sanctuary of Truth in Thailand.  These photographic escape has blossomed into what you see today.

Education has been extremely important to me, that is why my photography will alway be changing and evolving.. I feel you must keep learning and growing throughout your life, otherwise you become stale and ordinary.  I attend several workshops and seminars yearly, including one of the larger education venues such as Imaging USA or WPPI.  I don’t stop with just my photography education, I am currently working on my MBA through Northwest Christian University.  Well, that is a little about me.  I hope this gives you a little more insight on who I am…

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you..

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